Affordable Housing Owners and Developers partner with CreateHousing Program and receive the following supports.

CreateHousing Supports Affordable Housing

 CreateHousing facilitates connections between nonprofit housing agencies and Property Managers.

  • CreateHousing informs housing agencies about community unit availability, screening criteria and process.
  • Agencies may then provide quality qualifying applicants.

Successful outcomes of this process are:

  • An increase in low-income households being selected as residents.
  • Owners supported in meeting target objectives.

Tenant Enrichment Services

  • Website Access- Location and Complex specific resource guide for residents living at affordable housing complexes at
  • Resource and Referral Support- Managers, Leasing Staff and Residents can request resource and referral information by phone or email for their local area.
  • Flyers and Resource Lists- Updated information on local agencies sent to Managers to support residents needing to connect to services.

Want to partner with CreateHousing?

If you are an affordable housing manager, owner or developer and want to talk about partnering with CreateHousing for your complex, feel free to contact us at or 360-734-5121 x236

Current Partners with the CreateHousing program.